Right-angle PCB D-Sub Connector

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Right-angle PCB D-Sub Connector


What is a Right-Angle PCB D-Sub Connector?

Right-angle PCB D-Sub connectors are used to make wire-to-board or board-to-board connections. A right-angle PCB D-Sub connector, when mated with a wire D-Sub connector (solder cup, crimp style or IDC) will provide a wire-to-board connection and when mated with another PCB D-Sub connector (vertical or right angle) will provide a board-to-board connection.

Right-angle PCB D-Sub Connectors

Right-angle PCB D-Sub Connector Engineering options

Many options are available for right-angle PCB D-Sub connectors which include various board mounting options (through holes, 2 or 4 prong boardlocks and threaded holes) and various flange mounting options (threaded standoffs, through holes and threaded holes).

Available mounting options:

RA Mounting Option 1

RA Mounting Option 2

RA Mounting Option 3

Available flange mounting options:

Flange mounting options 1

Flange mounting options 2

Flange mounting options 3

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