Cable Wire D-Sub Connector

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Cable Wire D-Sub Connector


What is a Cable/Wire D-Sub Connector?

D-sub cable/wire connectors are used to make a wire-to-wire or wire-to-board connection.

WIRE D-SUB CONNECTOR Engineering options

There are many types of D-sub cable/wire connectors which include D-Sub connectors with solder cup, IDC or crimp style terminations.

The D-Sub connectors with solder cup contacts have a cavity into which the stripped and tinned wire is inserted and then soldered.

Cable-Wire D-Sub Connector

The D-Sub connectors with crimped contacts are wired by inserting a stripped end of wire into a cavity at the back of the contact. The cavity is then crimped using a crimping tool. The contact is then inserted into the connector, where it is locked. Pins can be removed later with a tool inserted into the back of the connector. This "rear disconnect" is useful if the pins on the device are ever damaged.

Male and Female Cable-Wire D-Sub Connector

The IDC connectors (Insulation Displacement Contact) are designed to be connected to the conductor(s) of a flat cable. The flat cable is pressed against the contacts, the rear of which is fork-shaped, which then pierce the insulation of all the wires simultaneously.

IDC Wire D-Sub Connectors

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