Backshells or Hoods, and Caps for D-Sub Connectors

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Backshells or Hoods, and Caps for D-Sub Connectors


What is D-sub connector backshell or hood?

D-sub connector hood or backshell is the cover that protects the D-sub connector by encapsulating it with the ease of plugging and unplugging the connector. It is made of thermoplastic or metal with 2 thumbs screw on the sides and it can also protect the cable from strain and, for the metal hood, EMI/RFI to enhance the performance and stability of the connections. The front and rear parts of the housing can be assembled with the D-sub connector by nuts and screw. The strain relief at the back of the hood relieves excessive force from the hood assembly that can possibly damage the cable. Both waterproof and non-waterproof hoods are available. The rubber ring on the hood seals the connector after the screws are tighten to the panel and avoid water leakage. Generally, the metal housing is more durable than the plastic housing, especially for the applications that requires re-assembly of the connector hood.

D-Sub Backshells or Hoods with Waterproof Option

What is D-sub connector cap?

D-sub connector cap is the accessories of D-sub. It is a dust cap that covers the front of the D-sub. The dust cap maintains the functionality of the D-sub connector by protecting the metal contacts of the D-sub from impact, dust, liquid, conductive or static materials sticking around the contacts during shipping and storage. Our D-sub connector cap is easy to keep and reusable as there is a chain on the cap attached to the D-sub connector and screw the cap back to the D-sub connector after unplugging. Both waterproof and non-waterproof cover for 9, 15 and 25 positions of both male and female D-sub connectors are available.

D-Sub Connector Cap

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