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D-Sub Connector Contacts


D-Sub connector contacts options

D-sub connector crimp contacts are available in both standard density (DB) and high density (HD) D-subs. Due to the characteristic of HD D-sub connectors, which contain more positions/contacts than the DB D-sub in the same size shield, the diameter of the HD D-sub contact is smaller than the DB D-sub contact. Crimp and load pin (P/N 637-292-271) and socket (P/N 638-292-271) are applicable to HD D-sub. The diameter of the pin is 0.76mm.

Receptacle and Plug Crimp and Load D-Sub Contact

Radius for high density D-Sub Contact

Crimp and load pin (P/N 627-290-001) and socket (P/N 628-292-001) are suitable to a DB D-sub. The diameter of the pin is 1mm. Both pin (P/N 637-290-271) and socket (P/N 638-290-271) of the Machine contact are also available for D-sub.

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