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Rectangular Connector Housing


What is a rectangular connector housing?

A rectangular connector housing is a shell made of thermoplastic without contacts. The insulator design prevents improper mating of individual plug and receptacle, and polarizing hardware enables specific plug and receptacle combinations. Both actuating screw and polarizing hardware are available. The plug/receptacle rectangular connector can be connected to each other by the hermaphroditic contact. The 516 series offers 20, 38, 56, 90 and 120, and 14 and 36 positions for the 519 series.

Rectangular Connector Polarization

Insertion and Ejection Tools for EDAC rectangular connectors

Hand crimp tool 516-280-201 is available to crimp the contacts 516-290-590/516-294-571 for EDAC rectangular connectors. Firstly, open the hand crimper and place the contact into the locator slot. Then, partially close the crimper until the contact is held in place. Insert the wire into the contact and close the crimper until the ratchet releases. Make sure the wire insulation (I) is properly located on the insulation barrel (IB) of the contact and wire copper (W) on the wire barrel (WB) of the contact.

Hand Tools for Crimping Rectangular Connector Contacts

There are insertion tools for different contact options. The wire groove of the Crimp Contact Insertion Tool 516-280-400 locates the tool onto the end of the crimp form, while the slender tube of the Wire Wrap and P.C. Tail Contact Insertion Tool 516-280-600 protects the contact tail during insertion without interfering with adjacent contacts. Both tools insert the contact from the bottom of the rectangular housing. A successful insertion would produce a ‘click’ sound between the contact and housing.

Insertion of crimp and wire wrap contacts for a rectangular connector

When it comes to contact removal, the contact ejection tool, 516-280-300, provides easy positive ejection, without damage to the insulator, with one press. The tip of the ejection tool should be inserted as deep as possible into the hole of the housing from the top in the correct orientation, seen below. Then, the tip can push the contact away from the slot of the housing. After pressing the end of the ejection tool, the ejecting pin will push the contact through the tip and remove the contact.

Removal of rectangular connector contacts using ejection tool

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