Clipzin™ SMT Card Edge Connector (New Product)

Interconnect specialist manufacturers, EDAC, in conjunction with OpenLX SP Ltd, have today launched their latest innovation in board-to-board connection technology, Clipzin™.

Clipzin™, the patent-pending PCB-mounted edge connector allows simple fixing of single board modules, such as the Raspberry Pi® Pico, to a host PCB. As a surface mount connector, Clipzin™ simplifies manufacture and facilitates easy and rapid connection and disconnection of sub modules, while the retention clip ensures nothing shakes free during use. This makes Clipzin™ the ideal solution for the development environment, whilst also providing reliability in mass production applications.

The Clipzin™ connector, fitted to the host PCB and hailed as a modern evolution to the card-edge connector, mates directly with the PCB by making use of castellated pads along the edges to provide the connection. This simplifies and reduces the cost of manufacture for the modules, makes the entire assembly slimmer and lower profile and, without connector pins protruding, there is no risk these can be damaged.

Available in 20, 17 (15 live), 8 and 6-way variations, Clipzin™ can be used with modules such as the Raspberry Pi® Pico and Arduino® Nano Connect, as well as sensor, radio, and a myriad of modules and sub-assemblies for multiple applications across a wide range of industries.

“For some time, we have challenged ourselves to find solutions to overcome the costly and lengthy development process in the very competitive electronics market”, explained EDAC Sales Director, Chrissy Cooper. “The creative minds at OpenLX together with our own engineering and manufacturing expertise has brought to market a simple, yet hugely flexible solution that can not only accelerate new product design but will revolutionise how production manufacturers can expand the capabilities of their own equipment, allowing effortless customisation for different functions, regions and markets.”

The versatility of Clipzin™ allows customers to quickly modify equipment on the production line to, for example, conform to local regulations by simply removing one Clipzin™-compatible card and replacing it with another. In addition, with the current pace of electronics innovation, equipment can also be upgraded as new features become available, even in field-installed systems, meaning modules can be reused which will contribute to improved environmental credentials.

Clipzin™ is available via leading distributors, Farnell and CPC.

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