Magnetic Jacks / A6X



  • Magnetic Jacks are RJ45 modular jacks with integrate network magnetics.
  • Combined connectivity with signal conditioning, electro magnetic interference suppression and isolation.
  • These parameters were previously performed by separate and discrete magnetic components mounted on the PC board.
  • Available as single or stacked multiport options.
  • 10/100 or 1000 Base T options - full IEEE 802.0 compliance.
  • Integrated Magnetics - provides signal integrity, DC isolation and PHY chip protection.
  • Integrated Design - reduces component inventory and process costs.
  • Spring fingers on shells - guaranteed advanced EMI/RMI suppression.
  • LED option available - visual indication of port status and activity information.
  • Tab up or Down options - complete design for board and unit compatibility.
  • Other options available - contact Edac for more information.


  • Insertion Loss: -1.0 dB @ 100MHz (typical)
  • Return Loss: -13.5 dB @ 100MHz (typical)
  • Common mode refection: @ 1-100MHz: -30dB (typical)
  • Cross talk: @ 1-100MHz: -35dB (typical)
  • Inductance: @ 100KHz/0.1V, 8ma DC. Bias: 350uH Min.
  • Housing: Thermoplastic, UL94VO Black
  • Contacts: Phosphor Bronze Gold plated over Nickel, Solder Tails Tin plated over Nickel
  • Shield: Copper Alloy, Nickel Plated

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Magnetic Jack

Modular Jacks with Integrated Magnetics
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