D-Sub and DVI / Series 6XX

Series 6XX

  • D Subminiature connectors in standard, video, half pitch and high density formats.
  • Wide variety of footprints in vertical or right angle thru-hole PCB styles.
  • Gold flash or gold plated contact surfaces.  Machined contact versions available.
  • Metal shells provide EMI and RFI shielding.  Plastic / metal or all metal versions available.
  • From 9 to 50 pins (Std), 15 to 78 pins (Hi-D), 26 to 100 pins (Halfpitch), or 29 pin (DVI).
  • Dual port stacked right angle connectors available, with matched or mixed connectors.
  • Digital Video (DVI) Half Pitch (050) and VESA / VGA styles available (series B10).

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